Wallpaper: My Top Three Favorites.

Flavor Paper

I discovered this super cool wallpaper company on my last visit to Brooklyn, I was also lucky enough to sneak a peek at these guys working (albeit through the window!). I really must try and get in for a visit next time I’m in town.

Its such a beautiful workspace and also just a stones throw away from Brooklyn’s amazing Smith Street, teeming with cafes, craft shops and thrift. A must see on any Brooklyn visit.

Inside this lovely space Flavor Paper is busy hand screen printing lots of beautiful, shiny, colourful wallpapers. Options are also available for custom designs FlavorPaper

There are really too many designs for me to wax lyrical about here, so check out the web site for an extensive selection – FlavorPaper and be sure to check out the Warhol Collection I’m a sucker for a Warhol print and they really do have quite a few.

Flavor Paper's Warhol Collection.

Flavor Paper’s Warhol Collection.


Quirk & Rescue

I love these guys and I was so happy to stumble across this wonderful East London company on Twitter. Bold and punchy, they have such a great style and they really have nailed this geometric design. It’s everyting a geometric wallpaper should be. All hail the HexaGone.

Quirk & Rescue's HexaGone.

Quirk & Rescue’s HexaGone.

Check out the awesome colour ways available here

All The Fruits

This gorgeous little company is made up of Jessica Pinotti and graphic designer Stephan Cheetham I have the pleasure of knowing Jessica from my, (living in an amazing creative warehouse space) London days, and these beautiful ideas come as no surprise.

Super cute, super conversational, these simple, yet bold graphic design style wallpapers are a joy the look at. You can even cut and paste some! Great news if your mind boggles at the thought of working out the pattern repeat.

All The Fruits - Cut & Paste wallpapers.

All The Fruits – Cut & Paste wallpapers.

Check out the Cut & Paste designs here.