Wallpapering – Be sure to get the right tools for the job.

I bloody love a useful well thought out tool. They really do make life a lot easier, and don’t get me started on the phrase “A bad workwoman or workman blames their tools”. Bad tools can make life difficult and potentially ruin the materials you are working with.

The past few years I have been using a wonderful little wallpapering tool called the WalWiz and I love it!

It really does make paper hanging so much easier and comes in an array of bright colours, purple, blue, pink and yellow. See below the WalWiz in all its glory and resting pretty on this wallpaper by Mathew Williamson. This paper was printed by Cole & Son for the Habitat VIP collection, sadly out of production now.

The Walwiz in pink and blue. Looks great next to my gold papering shears

The WalWiz in pink and blue. Looks great next to my gold papering shears

The WalWiz was designed by American wallpaper installer Linda Mitchell, it’s a smoother, edge flattener and trimming guide all in one. (Although I still prefer a steel seam roller for some papers or a felt roller for very fragile papers). But if you are confident that your paper is compatible with the WalWiz, it really will help you whizz your way though all those rolls.

The WalWiz’s smooth edges glide over the wallpaper and the edges are rounded so that it won’t drag or catch, these rounded edges are also the perfect width for creating a beautiful straight trimming edge that glides along the paper and laps it ever so slightly into and over any unsightly corners.

This diverse little tool is an essential part of my kit, plus its really brightens up my tool box.