Save All Your Petals For Me – Homemade Confetti

There’s nothing like a little light crafting and collecting to make me happy, one of my recent obsessions has been collecting and drying as many rose petals as I can get my hands on. Luckily for me my lovely local florist has been handing me all of her wilted blooms.

My obsession started last summer with the build up to our amazing wedding, which I still haven’t had the chance to blog about. So I suppose this is also my first wedding post!

Rose petal & lavender confetti for our quests.  Presented in easy to hand out in little paper cones.

Rose petal & lavender confetti for our quests. Presented in easy to hand out paper cones.

So I wanted to find an alternative to paper and even worse plastic confetti, these are both a problem for wildlife and places of beauty. Plus I love the smell of roses, just add some lavender and you have a pretty, beautifully scented and environmentally friendly confetti to fling.

All you have to do is –

1 – Gather as many petals as you can (befriend and keen gardener or florist).

2 – Place your petals on a warm sunny window sill, the lovely smell will fill the room and the faster they dry the better. You can also use a cooling down oven. Place on a clean baking tray and keep an eye on them, I’ve crisped a few batches.

3 – Place in a dry container and sprinkle in some dried lavender. This smells delicious and keeps any pests at bay.

4 – Voilà! You’re ready go.. Place in easy to carry paper sweetie bags, make little paper cones, or just throw them straight from the basket.

The confetti gauntlet - Lots of fun :)

The confetti gauntlet – Lots of fun 🙂

Rose petals and lavender are also wonderful for popping into your homemade soaps and for scenting your bath water.

Enjoy x

Photography by AliPaul